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Mobility, flexibility and healing

Kevin's Team create tailored individualized programs for each client, in order to restore movement and function to the body. Age, diseases, as well as injuries are all factors that cause the body to have limited movement. As a result, various treatments are implemented to restore someone’s well being, such as therapeutic exercises, modalities, manual therapy techniques, as well as functional training.

Mobility, flexibility and strength are the foundations of an active and healthy lifestyle. They are also the building blocks in the recovery from injury. Whether you have had a car accident, sports injuries, workplace injuries or suffer from pain or immobility from activities of every day life, physiotherapy can get you back in motion and out of pain.

Our mission at Kevin Kelly Physiotherapy is to provide the most up to date and scientific approaches towards healing and total family health care and be the best physiotherapist in Kitchener Waterloo Area.

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Kitchener Physiotherapy
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We are university-educated health professionals who specialize in assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of injuries, disabilities and movement disorders.
We help you gain an understanding of your injuries and give you practiced strategies to implement to optimize your healing.
By utilizing a client-centered, one-on-one approach, we can formulate a specific, individualized and personal rehabilitation program. Onsite multidisciplinary health care professionals in the fields of chiropractic, massage and naturopathic care will ensure all necessary health needs are met. We are located in the East Avenue Health Professional Building in the offices of Target Therapeutics.
No referral needed unless required by your insurance provider.
Immediate appointments available.
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