There are many ways we can help

Physiotherapists utilize many tools to help alleviate pain, restore function and promote fast, effective healing, including:
  • stretching and strengthening techniques,
  • manual therapy ( hands on joint mobilizations ),
  • soft tissue massage, active release techniques,
  • laser therapy (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation),
  • ultrasound (sound wave energy) and
  • IFC/TENS (electrical stimulation of muscle).
Providing you with an understanding of your injury, and giving you practiced strategies to implement to optimize your healing, will ensure out-of-clinic continued care.

  How long will it take to see
improvements in my condition?

Different injuries have different root causes of pain and immobility. Whatever the reasoning for your condition, you can expect to experience improvements fairly quickly. This is generally ensured by approaching each condition in an individual manner with a scientific and evidence-based approach.

What will be expected from me?

As part of the initial physiotherapy assessment you can expect an evaluation of joint motion, strength, posture, balance, gait and functional movement. Attire should be loose and comfortable with easy access to the affected area and appropriate footwear.

Assessment will take place in a private setting and will last approximately 45 minutes (follow-up sessions 30 min.). It is necessary that appointments begin on time, and 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of appointments.


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